13 October 2005

My new Blog

In that photo I'm in the Parthenon, in Greece -->

Hello I'm Pablo,I'm twelve years old.I'm a student from La CaƱada (Valencia).My school is Escuela 2. I'm short,my eyes are brown, my hair is brown.I go at mondays and wednesday to an english academy.
I'm nice, and very funny.I'm a good friend of my friends.I haven't got a girlfriend jajajaj!!!.I like quiksilver clothes. I like Pop-Rock music.
My fovurite band is Green Day.What's your favourit band?Tell me about you

My Diary Routine

I wake up at 8:15 a.m. I usually go to school.In the school, I usually listen in the class!!!JeJeJe:),because I have a lot of subjects.In the break, I often play football or voleyball.I have dinner in the school.After school, I often study English.I have a shower, when i did sport.Also, I watch the TV or I Play Computer.I have supper, and after supper i usually finish to watch my favourites TV series.I want to sleep a bit of more last,but my parents don't leave me.I go to bed and I sleep for a long of the night.