13 December 2006

Magic The Gathering

Magic is a Card play designed by Richard garfield in 1993. Magic has revolucionate the world of fantasy games and estrategy in all the world it has a few of editions and there are cards in a lot of lenguages. With the Boom of MAgic there exit new games of cards.
*Estructure of the Game
Each player represent a wizard who has to derrote his opponent using creatures, Artefacts, lands, spells, etc.
Each player starts with 20 points of live and a mallet (library) of 60 cards. One player lose the game when he hsn't any lives, when he hasn't cards in his library or if a card says it.

Magic has five colours:
-White -Blue -Black -Red -Green

credits: Wikipedia, Google

08 November 2006


Hi! I'm going to tell you some about Estonia.

Estonia is in the east of Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia.Estonia has 1,332,893 inhabitants.Estonia is a Cold country.Estonian is the official language.Estonia has a number of rivers, the longest are Vohandu, Parnu and Politsamaa.Estonia does not have a state church.Traditional Estonian cuisine includes porridge, soups, stews, casseroles, black pudding, sauerkraut (mulgikapsad), dark rye bread, preserves and pickles.

The estonian capital is Tallin.

Tallinn's medieval old town is a World Heritage site.

Here a Estonian song From Eurovision.

25 October 2006

New candidate to the mayoralty of Madrid

The PSOE have a new candidate for the elections to the mayoralty of Madrid.
His name is Miguel Sebastián.
After a long search, the PSOE found Sebastián.
He's from Madrid and he loves his city.He takes over from Simancas the previous candidate.
He will try to win these elections for change the govern of Madrid after 16 years of the PP.

04 September 2006

We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

Yesterday is an unforgettable date for the spanish sport.We won the basketball world cup in the final against Greece 70-47.
After an excellent tournament we won our first world cup. Spain was
the best team of the competition and Pau Gasol(our Superstar) was appointed mvp of the tournament. We played an excellent final, and we didn't play greece at his form.Garbajosa and Navarro led spain with 20 points each one.
With this team we can win a lot of more trophies.

22 August 2006


After went to Santander we went to Bilbao. We arrived the 15th august and we returned 17th.
We visited a lot of things.We were in a hotel next of the estuary of Bilbao and opposite of the Guggenheim. I think Bilbao is bester than Santander. We visited the guggenheim, the city of Guernica and the painted forest.But the best thing for me were the tapas at the old part of Bilbao.We went two nights to have tapas.The most interesant is that the people have one or two tapas in each bar.I love the tapas of bilbao

18 August 2006


The past 14th of august I went with my parents to the Nature Park of Cabarceno, in Santander.
There we saw a lot of animals and very deferents.Cabarceno is very large and the animals have a lot of liberty they can play and run without be locked. There are elefants, lions, lynx monkeys and a lot of animals.We enjoyed a lot watching how the animals played. The people can't throw food to the animals but some peoples throw food to the bears. I liked very much Cabarceno and I recommend you.

12 July 2006

Fifa world cup 2006

The World cup is the most important football event.
From 9th of Juny until 9th of July has been the 2006 Fifa World Cup in Germany.
32 teams from all the planet participate in the final phase of the world cup.

After a the first phase all the favourites passed.Spain had goods expectations after a very good first phase but at the 1/8 of final we crashed with France.
France was the revelation of the tournament with an expert team they eliminate Brazil and Portugal.The final was Italy vs France.France advanced at the scoreboard with a penalty goal but then Materazzi drew.At the extra time Zidane was sent off.Italy won at the penalties.

07 July 2006

Underground accident in Valencia

The past 3rd of July the worse underground accident in spain cost the death of 43 people in Valencia.
It was 1:00 pm when everything happened.One carriage of the line 1 was derailed 10 metres before the Jesus station.It cost 43 deaths and a lot of casualties.the cause of the accident was that the underground circulated at 80 km/h in a very dangerous curved.In this curved the wagon circulated at th double speed allowed.
Also the line 1 is the oldest underground line in valencia.The wagons are shattered.
The valencian govern has to invest money in the public transport and no spent money in other things like the recent visit of Ratzinger.

04 May 2006

Chernobil The nuclear catastrophe

In Ukraine 100 kilometres at the south of kiev the 26th of april, 1986.The nuclear power station of chernobil suffered the biggest nuclear catastropheof the history.
The catastrophe hapened because the team who were working this day wanted to do an experiment.
At the moment of the accident died 31 persons.

350.000 people had to abondanate their houses.

06 April 2006


Iran is an arab country, between, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan and turkey.
In Iran they have the muslim religion.They have a lot of petrol.
Now, They have a problem with UN, because Iran is making chemicals weapons. And the U.S.A wants to attack them.

23 March 2006

cellular phones

The newspaper EL PAIS published an article about a school subject's program for mobile phones.
I think the idea of the french teacher is fantastic because it makes
a mixture between studies and technology.
Teenagers love mobiles and with this program, the subjects can be more funny.
It will be a good idea if we can import this student methodology to other countries, like Spain, because I'm sure
it'll help us to study more.

An anecdote

When i was a child i went with my family to Asturias.

When we returned i had many desire to piss.I said to my parents that i wanted to piss but they didn´t take me notice.Then i started to piss in the ashtray of my car,my parents listened the sound and they stoped the car and they had to empty the ashtray with my pee.Then all my family and me started to laughing.