21 January 2007

The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere (water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane, for example) trap energy from the sun. Without these gases, heat would escape back into space and Earth’s average temperature would be about 60ºF colder. Because of how they warm our world, these gases are referred to as greenhouse gases.

The greenhouse effect is important. Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would not be warm enough for humans to live. But if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it could make the Earth warmer than usual. Even a little extra warming may cause problems for humans, plants, and animals.

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04 January 2007

Christmas in Spain

Christmas in spain is totally a religious holiday unfortunately.

In Spain we have a few of important days.

The first important day chronologically is the day of the drawing of the lottery. When a lot of people wait for obtain monay and make them rich.

Many children receive presents of Santa Claus but it isn't a very typical thing of here.
The presents of Santa are given in Christmas eve (Nochebuena).

In Spain the typical food is Turron and mazapan. And a lot of people in their houses overcoat the churches have a small representation of the village of Belen.This little representation is called Belen.

More important days are:

New Year Eve(Nochevieja)
Is cellebrated in December31st. This day is the last of the year, and a lot of people, go to a party, to celebrate the new year. Is a tradition that at 12 p.m, all the people eat twelve grapes while in the TV ring the bells.

New Year Day
Is the first day of the newly begun year in January 1st. In Spain we eat with aour familys but if you want to eat in a restaurant you'll have very difficult, because a lot of places are closed

The Wise Men's Day
Is in January 6th.This is the best day for a lot of people, but overcoat for children.In the night of January 5th the 3 wises men leave the children presents. In the 5th of January there is a procession of the 3 wises men where they throw sweets to the children and the grandmothers.When you are a kid yout have to write a letter to the three wises men putting everything what you want and giving it to the page boy of your favourite Wise.
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03 January 2007

Christmas in other countries

In Lebanon, families plant seeds of grain in small pots a month before Christmas. When Christmas arrives they have little pots of green to place around the Christmas Cave and their Christmas Tree. The Christmas Cave holds the nativity scene of Jesus's birth.

In Australia, Santa's sleigh is pulled by eight white kangaroos. Christmas dinner is eaten outdoors and is followed by a visit to the beach or a game of cricket.

In the Ukraine, Father Frost visits all the children in a sleigh pulled by only three reindeer.
He brings along a little girl named Snowflake Girl. She wears a silver blue costume trimmed with white fur and a crown shaped like a snowflake

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