12 July 2006

Fifa world cup 2006

The World cup is the most important football event.
From 9th of Juny until 9th of July has been the 2006 Fifa World Cup in Germany.
32 teams from all the planet participate in the final phase of the world cup.

After a the first phase all the favourites passed.Spain had goods expectations after a very good first phase but at the 1/8 of final we crashed with France.
France was the revelation of the tournament with an expert team they eliminate Brazil and Portugal.The final was Italy vs France.France advanced at the scoreboard with a penalty goal but then Materazzi drew.At the extra time Zidane was sent off.Italy won at the penalties.

07 July 2006

Underground accident in Valencia

The past 3rd of July the worse underground accident in spain cost the death of 43 people in Valencia.
It was 1:00 pm when everything happened.One carriage of the line 1 was derailed 10 metres before the Jesus station.It cost 43 deaths and a lot of casualties.the cause of the accident was that the underground circulated at 80 km/h in a very dangerous curved.In this curved the wagon circulated at th double speed allowed.
Also the line 1 is the oldest underground line in valencia.The wagons are shattered.
The valencian govern has to invest money in the public transport and no spent money in other things like the recent visit of Ratzinger.