08 November 2006


Hi! I'm going to tell you some about Estonia.

Estonia is in the east of Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia.Estonia has 1,332,893 inhabitants.Estonia is a Cold country.Estonian is the official language.Estonia has a number of rivers, the longest are Vohandu, Parnu and Politsamaa.Estonia does not have a state church.Traditional Estonian cuisine includes porridge, soups, stews, casseroles, black pudding, sauerkraut (mulgikapsad), dark rye bread, preserves and pickles.

The estonian capital is Tallin.

Tallinn's medieval old town is a World Heritage site.

Here a Estonian song From Eurovision.


verita said...

It is the third time that attempt to put on a commentary...
Your blog's very nice and cooL!
It looks like that you know much of the new technologies.
You might help me to put videos in my bloggg!!



verita said...

Hello again!
That already I see that you do not update eh?
And I have him to put the commentary in this entry.
I like much your blog and thank for helping me to putting videos in the mio and to teaching myself like.
A besito!
And it's still like that.