27 August 2007


I'm going to tell you my travel in Norway


I flew to oslo (Norway's Capital) and i was there for 1 day, then i had dinner in hard rock cafe and i visited a big park with monuments.

Next day I went by train from Oslo to Bergen de second important city. In Bergen we visit the fish market and the Hanseatic houses. We were there for two days, and the last day we rented a car and we start our long travel by car.

We stopped in a few of villages and we slept at woodhouses.

Three days later, after our adventura by car, we arrived to Trondheim, the third important city of norway, where we visited the beutiful church and we walked at the city.

In Trondheim, we took a night train to Bodo,passing the polar circle, there we rent other car and we pass by Ferry to Lofoten Islands.

Lofoten are a few of Beautiful islands with lovely landscape. we stayed for two days at Lofoten and tne we went to Andenes to do a whale Safari.

The whale safari was wonderfull 'cause we saw four whales.Next day we went to evenes airpoert, we took a plane to Oslo, at the Oslo's airport, we took a plane to Valencia.

My Personal Opinion:

Norway is a beutiful country, it is like Pirineos, all the country is full of mountain, valleys and waterfalls. I liked this country very much. And I recommend to everybody to visit this fantastic Country.

Bye Bye


My personal adventure