25 March 2007

Exchange with Carcassonne

The exchange:

For Five years ago aur school is doing an exchange with the french school Grazailles.

In this exchange participate girls and boys of 2nd of ESO.This is a cultural and academic exchange, with that the kids enjoy a lot.

Our Exchange:

Hi! I'm going to tell you about our(of my class) exchange with our french friends.

I had a french girl called Camille in my house for one week.

Her class arrived by Bus Thursday 8th of March and we gave them the welcome with an aperitif made by our families.

Next Day we went to school and we went to Oceanografic of Valencia. We returned to home and at the afternoon we met with our friends (spanish and french) and we pass the evening in La Canyada.

At the weekend we met a lot with friends and we went to the beach, to Valencia and to La Eliana with friends.

Monday we went to the natural park of La albufera, but we didn't enjoy it a lot because it starts raining and we can't ride in boat to visit the lake.

Tuesday we went to school and we pass the day there, we made workshops and we play games.

Wednesday we went to valencia to watch the "mascletà" and for visit the old part of valencia.

Thursday french class returned to Carcassonne and we said "au revoir"(goodbye).


And my own experience