04 March 2007

Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a typical valencian festival.In honour of San Jose pattern of carpenters.
The origins of Fallas are very simply,a simply burning of remains of carpenters workshop.But Valencian People has turn it in a popular festival around the world. Since 15th of March Until 19th, Valencia is a continuos party.

Elements of the Festival
- Fallas
There are monuments of 25 or 30 metres that contain actuality themes.There are 386 Fallas at the moment. The Falla is set at 15th of March at the street, and there are burnt at 19th.

- Mascletaes
There are a noisy and rhytmical composition of Potents Bangers

Fallas Week
-15th of March: "The Plantà" this is when the fallas are placed.

-16th and 17th of March: In this two days in valencia there are a

"ofrenda", this is when the falleros give flowers to the virgin of


-18th of March: The night of fire or " Nit del Foc" In this day a

lot of people visitors and valencians go to the old bed of the
river turia to watch a majestic firework display.

-19th of March: "La Cremà" is when the fallas are burned.